Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seven weeks down

My time at Park Nicollet is flying by! I am definitely loving it, but things have gotten heavier.

The day before Thanksgiving I got to the office and listened to our voicemail, and the first three messages were notifying us of the deaths of three different people I had seen. I feel like so far I've been really good about separating work from my personal life, and managing my emotions. But one of these deaths hit me really hard. I would see this man outside of work, and saw his progression from ambulatory and alert to non-responsive in bed. I wish I could figure out why this hit me so much harder than anyone else I've seen. I think it could really inform my self-care, but of course I can't put my finger on it.

I've been doing a lot more leading too! With support from Gretchen or Dawn. I still really need to work on building my repertoire! There's just so much music I need to be familiar with and it's incredibly overwhelming. My standards list is at about 100 songs (pulled from the Park Nicollet standards) and needs to double.

In happier news, I bought Stella a laser pointer and she can't handle herself.