Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cacio e pepe

I'm gradually getting better at cooking at home, here was the dinner adventure last night!

Cacio e pepe is a Roman dish that is basically just cheese and pepper on pasta. Typically tonnarelli or spaghetti are used, but we couldn't find any fresh (maybe they don't come fresh?) so we used tagliatelle instead.

1. Boil enough water to cook your pasta, fresh pasta makes a big difference in my opinion! Cook pasta.

2. Finely grate pecorino romano and set aside.

3. As the pasta finishes cooking, heat about 2tbsp oil. Add the fresh ground pepper and let it toast in the oil.

4. As you drain the pasta, save 1/2 cup of the water and add to the oil/pepper. It'll boil and hiss and be a little scary, but quickly drop in the freshly cooked pasta and coat with the mixture.

5. Throw in all the grated cheese, and toss until the cheese has melted and covered the pasta.

6. Eat! 

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