Monday, June 17, 2013

MT-BC year one

I recently passed the one year anniversary of receiving my board certification as a music therapist. It left me thinking about how much has changed in one year, and the multitude of lessons I have learned! This post is a ramble fest, you can just pretend you're reading Ulysses.

When I passed my board exam, I found out immediately. Thankfully it's not like the bar where you sit around for MONTHS waiting to find out (poor Luke). The next day I moved out of my apartment in Minneapolis and drove eight hours to Chicago. The next day Luke left for Rome, and then the following day I did too. I received my certification, the spent three months in Rome worrying about whether I would EVER get a music therapy job. Minneapolis is saturated with music therapists and its really tough to find a job! The three jobs I currently have are completely due to contacts I made at Park Nicollet and through the basilica choir. I spent long hours and TOO much time worrying. And somehow everything fell into place. I feel so lucky that I interned at Park Nicollet, because it set me up for success and helped me meet other MTs in the area.

So what is the balance? How does a new professional do all they can to get experience and prepare for the real world, without becoming discouraged by the lack of jobs and worrying if they chose the right career?

(I have no answer to that question)

Somehow jobs fell into my lap. I now work for two private practices and a music company. I love my work. I am getting a wealth of experience working in hospice, preschools, and with all ages of people with special needs. Luckily I'm still 24 and covered on my parents insurance. Luckily I have no student loan debt to pay back. Luckily I'm healthy and have a car that I don't need to pour money in to.

One of the biggest difficulties for me has been how much time I spend alone! As a contractor, I don't have an office where I see the same people every day. I rarely see the MTs I work for. I see clients and their families, and get feedback from them. But I'm alone all the time! I don't have other MTs to bounce ideas off or discuss a tough session with. I really really miss that about Park Nicollet. When you work alone and are new to a profession, it's really hard to feel confident in what you're doing. I am very critical of myself. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who regularly tells me I am the best music therapist in the world haha

Overall this year has been an exercise in self confidence. I have to trust my training and the experience I have in the field. What I do often comes so easily that I forget how much work I have put into it.

I also just need to remember how much I love the people I work with. People are wonderful. They love each other and will surprise you with their kindness and ability. If only we give them a chance to succeed people can blow your expectations away. 

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