Monday, September 19, 2011

A lack of pages.

I have not been reading Ulysses. I have not been reading at all (except two National Geographics I got in the mail!) I've finally been getting some good hours at my new job! Which I really enjoy. Who knew that I could get a part time job that's actually a lot of fun??

The website is nothing compared with actually being in the store, but it's worth a quick peek!

Today at work I organized (tried on) jewelry, helped a man buy $380 worth of jewelry for his wedding anniversary tomorrow, and straightened things that people had touched. And got to hang out with the wonderful people who work there too! Loving it. Our sale section went from 50% off to 70% off today, so I got a clock for the kitchen, and a decorative vintage thermos from India for a grand total of $15. Felt like a successful day.

Today I also took a wonderful video of Stella jumping. Girl's got hops.

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