Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 2 pt.1

I've only had two days this week, and it's already been amazing!! Today I had the gift of being able to visit three hospice patients in their homes with Dawn. I really saw the gamut of hospice patients from alert and tapping her foot to actively dying. What was really a gift was seeing how wonderfully the hospice team treats each individual patient. All the staff I've seen are patient, kind, and go out of their way to meet the needs of not only the patient, but the whole family. All three patients we saw today had multiple loving and supporting family members with them, it was a great experience.

The last patient we saw held my hand and told me that music therapy had made a huge difference in his life.

I'd like to end with a beautiful piece we're recording tomorrow night in the Basilica of St. Mary! www.mary.org

Friday, October 21, 2011

One week down

I have complete one whole week!! AHHHH it feels so great!

Monday morning I had to report to "New Employee Orientation" at 7:30AM (even though I'm not actually an employee) and got to meet my co-intern Julie. She's so sweet and I think we're going to do really well working together! We got a whole lot of general info on the hospitals and clinics, and had our Mantoux tests done. Tuesday we did basically the same thing, except with more time sitting in the hall when the real employees learned about benefits and 401Ks.

Wednesday was our very first day actually with the MTs! In the morning we went to hospice rounds, then I observed a few home hospice visits with Gretchen. I got to meet TWO ladies who were over 100 and still kickin! One even held my hand for awhile! I felt really good about how quickly I could get back into "MT mode". Julie and I met up for lunch with our wonderful senior interns, Erin and Jen. We spent the afternoon with Dawn talking schedules and responsibilities. I left that day feeling approximately 100x better than I had felt Tuesday. I've been thinking and preparing and imagining for so long.... and now I know. It's a huge relief.

Yesterday Julie and I spent the whole day at Struthers Parkinsons Center with Sandi. The highlight of the day was a really lovely emotional moment between two clients during a group session. I am really going to have to start controlling my emotions more effectively! Almost cried a few times haha! The other highlight was just playing through songs with Julie during some down time. We both had guitars and a bunch of clients sitting around- we just played and harmonized with each other.

Today none of the MTs were around so Julie and I had a breakfast/coffee date with Erin and Jen, then worked on orientation packets and reading all day. I'm really really happy about the people I'll be working with. Sandi, Dawn, and Gretchen are all so supportive and easy to talk to. And from our intern date this morning I think we're all going to be really close!

Just SO HAPPY to have finally started and know what I got myself into!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I have somewhat given up on Ulysses. I feel like a failure. I will try to keep pushing.... and keep reading.... once I get some motivation.

So now I've started Catch-22! And it's SO MUCH EASIER TO READ! And actually makes me laugh, along with confusing me parts of the time. I think a lot of the time when I'm confused it's because Heller is satirizing things about the military that I'm unfamiliar with. Or maybe I'm being too narrow and he's just using the military to satirize the US during WWII. I often feel with certain older books that maybe because I'm so removed from the time period there are things I just won't catch. But I guess maybe I'll try the Cliff Notes for this one too! Just to make sure I get the most out of it.

Last week I had a lovely visit with my Dad! Here are some picture highlights.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


On Monday I finally start internship. I've been out of classes for five months, so it's about time. The first two days are general hospital orientation, and then I with the music therapist next Wednesday, one week from today!

I'm really excited, it has definitely snuck up on me!

Tonight I'm working on some songs from my incredibly long song list, this is one of them! LOVE the video.